Squish House at Rule the Runway UK

Squish House at Rule the Runway UK

So Squish House was a part of the Rule the Runway UK Fashion show in February 2016 showcasing the launch streetwear collection on the runway! 
Our fashion show featured a story with each piece gracing the runway aiming to convey the message of the brand by visually expressing and spreading the message of consciousness. 

Take a look at some of the highlights...

Waiting for the audience to arrive!! 

Rule the Runway Squish House

Starting the Squish House show by lighting up some Nag Champa incense to set the mood... 

 Squish House Flower of Life T shirt and Window Jumper

When you're just over feeling someone's vibe and you can't explain it... 

Squish House Q Logo Sweatshirt JumperSquish House Q logo Sweatshirt Jumper

Blessing with a Pyrite crystal for intelligence and creativity followed by an Ankh necklace symbolising eternal life... 

Squish House Ankh Eye T shirt

Sometimes you can't see that all there is is already right in front of you.. 

Squish House DREAM Crop topSquish House Crop top DREAM

Until you look within yourself.

Squish House Dream Crop top

Meditation and mudra on the runway which influence the mood and emotions... 

Squish House Ankh Sweatshirt Jumper

Ending the show with Queen Nefertiti - leader and revolutionist. 

Nefertiti Sweatshirt Jumper

A huge thank you to all the models that took part in our show!!  


Congratulations to the winners!! 

Conrad Williams & Chante Gonzales

Rule the Runway Winners

Well done to all the finalists with awards presented by ex Eastenders star Khali Best!

Rule the Runway Winners and Khali Best

A big thank you to the presenters of the show!


Rule the Runway Presenters Malcolm Modele

The two ladies that made it all possible, Davida Wilkins and Natalie Maragh. 


Rule the Runway


An amazing show full of talent with singers, dancers, designers and models Rule the Runway was bursting with creativity! An amazing opportunity for Squish House to showcase the conscious streetwear collection right in the hometown, Birmingham, West Midlands. 


Check out some of the show highlights in the video! 



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