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Squish House representing the Window jumper of the launch streetwear collection. 
So 07/12/15 was the launch of Squish House!! Launching with a selection of 10 products including a range of sweatshirts, T-shirts and crop tops.
Each garment in the range is inspired by spirituality incorporating messages into the clothing that make a statement of individuality and consciousness.
Since the launch a lot of people have asked questions on how Squish House came about, what the messages mean, and why is it something we represent; so we’d like to take this opportunity to give you a little insight.
In 2015 the name Squish House was born, something different, simple and sprinkled with a bit of quirk. This was also a significant time for the Founder of Squish House who was stuck in a monotonous job with no real life satisfaction.
It was a time to dig deep. Really deep. And find where true passions lay. In the summer of 2015 the Founder of Squish House went through an awakening. All ties and energies that no longer served were cut, draining relationships ended and unfulfilling employment terminated. It was a time of self-realisation, re-programming and when the true power of self became insight.
Life had turned around and it became a mission to show others that they can take control of their own destiny and do it too!
Your passions are not random they are actually your calling. Innovatively mixing a bed of fashion, creativity and a conscious message, Squish House therefore stems from personal experience powered by the desire to spread consciousness and look good whilst doing it!
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