Squish House Digbeth Photoshoot - Meet the Indigo's!

Squish House Digbeth Photoshoot with the Indigo's!


We shot the conscious themed streetwear launch collection in the home town, Birmingham. We set the scene in Digbeth, known to many for it's famously creative street art with 5 Squish House lovers. 

Meet them... 



-Dancer - part of the Genkai Squad 

-Lover of style & fashion  - it really reflects who you are 


"When I came across Squish House I thought the clothes were so unique and the quality was amazing, it drew me to realise this is a brand I want to keep close to as a personal favourite. What I also love about the brand is that it has a great spiritual vibe to it and I feel enlightened to know that I have been a part of it. "



-Part of the Accoustic duo NT.Complex

-Plenty of music out this year with messages from mixed genres - watch out for the videos and pics

-Fashion designer and stylist 


"I wasn’t sure what to expect when on my way to the Squish House clothing photo shoot, and was pleasantly surprised by the young, urban and yet fully professional team that greeted me and allowed me to feel so comfortable. Squish House clothing is amazing, taking us back to our roots in a very current way with clothing to match its beautiful team chemistry, the quality of the clothing is industry ready too which for me is very rare to find in such young entrepreneurs on such a big stage. Well done, keep up the work, and from the whole team, NT.Complex, Stackmore and Talented Tuesday good luck."



- Meditator - Om.  

- Artist - Drawing and photography 

- Reader - Mind, Body & Spirit 


"I really like the brand I think it's different from a lot of stuff out there so it stands out. It also has meaning, it's about spirituality and the conscious mind. The clothing also looks dope which is one of the most important things."




- Great interest in fashion 

- Lover of music video visuals


"Squish House is fresh and innovative, it inspires the youth to be conscious and reflect the wearers sense of inner being. It's hard to know when people are on the same page as you and wearing Squish House clothing helps me find fellow Indigos." 



-Creative - Sketching & painting

-Thai boxer - Sports lover


"I really like the design of the clothing! You can't find something the same or similar in a shop which I personally love - being different and standing out with what your wear is always good."


Behind the scenes video with Squish House: 



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