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..Statement Pieces for the Streets...

With inspiration from the catwalk streets of London, Manchester and it's home town Birmingham, Squish House delivers streetwear clothing with unapologetic innovation, raw energy and self expression.



December 1, 2015 The Photoshoot

So we at Squish House have finished production and have moved on to the fun part – the photoshoot!

Using 5 quirky models we took amazing product shots over a 6 hour shoot!

Squish house is all about incorporating positive messages and so the shoot included a range of mudras. These are symbolic hand gestures used to affect the flow of energy in the body by manipulating the mind body connection as each area of the hand corresponds to a certain part of the mind or body. The mudras chosen therefore reflected positivity, prosperity and mindfulness.

Inspired by the catwalk streets of Birmingham we selected some great shots of streetart in the famous Digbeth area for the models to decorate with Squish House clothing.

The final images demonstrate raw energy showing a true unisex flavour to the range expressed by a number of personal looks. No outfit is complete without a crystal necklace – can you name the crystals in the photos?


See behind the scenes video here:

Behind the scenes video of the Squish House photoshoot


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