Seeing Life in Circles

From a young age we're taught that life is linear.

You start out on your road with school, going through the education system and into the world of work where you gain a good job. After working your job you settle down, buy a house and raise a family. Success.



Linear path to life success


Of course, there are set backs as life is certainly not so neat - but we still pressure ourselves to rise higher on the line of life. But what is life was a circle? 

For advice on how to navigate through life we could take a look at nature since we as humans are part of it.

For example, nature moves in cycles – Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter.


Nature has curves and spirals embedded within it like the fibonacci curve. The creation pattern also known as the flower of life begins with just one circle.


Each year the Earth brings with it death and rebirth over and over again in cycles like day and night. 

day n night

There are Moon cycles, Sun cycles, cycles and circles in rhythm and music and the circle of life we were taught in the Lion King. So why do we expect life to look like a straight line? What is the key to get from point A to B? Cycles! This helps make things become a little more clear.

You are what you repeatedly do.

By breaking down your cycles you will see that in the centre is your outcome and whatever actions you take and repeat will in turn generate your outcome. Try to think of your outcome as your core, so since life is a reflection of what you repeatedly do, your core is also what you project into the physical which ultimately becomes your outer i.e. your results. 

So let's use an example. 

i.e. What must I do to obtain good general health?


Seeing life in straight lines 

Seeing life in circles

Health life cycle

Cycles are therefore our actions which we repeat consistently to generate our desired results. So rather than thinking in straight lines and steps, think in circles. You will then be able to see what you need to do to reach those steps and what you need to STOP doing which is preventing you from making that next step. 

Break the cycle.

If you feel you can't generate your desired outcome or you want change then you must CHANGE part of your cycle. Refine. Eliminate. Increase or decrease. It's all about repeating and refining your cycles, learning and growing from them until you perfect your cycle that works to reach your goal. 

Looking at life in circles can also help with less practical issues and unhealthy cycles such as the below example:

 cycle of depression

By analysing and understanding your cycles you can see where the cycle need to be broken and you can do that by choosing just one thing i.e. not giving up. 

By altering our cycle we then start to create a new one which in turn creates new results. Your new cycle could look something like this: 

not giving up

You can't change what you refuse to confront. 

We can often feel stuck with no idea how to get to where we want to be, often blaming other people and circumstances without looking at our own habits. It's very easy for us to make excuses and lie to ourselves because well, it's comfortable. But you know, if you don't learn from history it will repeat itself right? It's nature, like you. Confront yourself. 

Get a piece of paper and a pencil and draw out your own cycles. What cycles do you need to create to be more productive? How can you refine a cycle to get better at your craft? What cycles do you need to break to stop going back to your ex? Try it.

Whenever you're feeling a little stuck in life, see life in circles. 


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So convenient with the NEW moon in Leo. Amazing advice that is more a way of life. Thanks awoken!!! ✌?

Nadeen July 25, 2017

This really made me think! It’s all about perspective….

Amenti July 24, 2017

Relevant and informative, nice work- keep it up! #StayWoke #DontSleepOnTheCircleCycles

Mica July 12, 2017

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