Intuition Intention Oil



Intuition oil is a rich and potent blend of herbs with spiritual properties used to help achieve success in your endeavours. Under the direction of the divine to select specific high quality ingredients, this intuition oil is prayed over, activated and empowered by spirit.

Intuition intention oil promotes the power of your intuition, encourages clarity and assists you in connecting with the divine. 

Uses: to increase your intuition, to help decipher between your intuition and your mind, promoting clarity of thought, for use with consulting the divine / divination e.g. meditation, tarot, ritual

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How to use:

Anoint your altar or sacred space

Use to work intentions by anointing the body and/or hair

Apply to candles

Add a drop to petition papers, letters

Anoint charms, amulets, jewellery or other spiritual tools

As an ingredient in spiritual baths or washes

Apply to mojo bags

Intuition intention oil ritual ideas:

Apply to a petition paper or manifestation letter that you will keep or burn

Anoint your body and recite an affirmation / request to gain insight and/or clarity on a situation in your life

Apply to a dream pillow to help increase and retain dreams

Wear before meditation or ritual

Anoint your body before practicing divination i.e. tarot, scrying, palm reading

Free delivery to anywhere in the UK

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Packaging: Recyclable glass bottle. Keep & re-use. 

Size: 30ml

No artificial ingredients 
Shelf life up to 1 year
Vegan friendly
Not for consumption
Sold as curio only
Please do a skin patch test for sensitivity or allergic reactions to herbs,
roots, or essential oils before anointing your body with any product
Seek medical advice if pregnant

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