10 Tips for Creatives for a Successful Year

Happy New Year! 


It's that time of the year where everybody talks about their new years resolutions, so Awoken wanted to share 10 tips for creatives for a successful year. What ever your art may be be it fashion, music, acting or modelling to have an amazing year, you have to do amazing things and take amazing action!


-Write down your goals. It has a certain affect on your brain when your eyes see your goals on paper you know.

-Give everything a deadline. A goal without a deadline is just a dream. Deadlines also give you a chance to see how much you have achieved in a certain time frame. Measure it.

-Step out of your comfort zone. So you don't really like speaking to crowds? Time to get over it. That's some much needed exposure for you right there. 

-DO IT! Even when you really don't feel like it -because somebody out there with the same dream as you DOES feel like it.

-Eradicate all time wasting activities. We recommend TV, as even though you just watched Kim Kardashian live her life, you gained nothing for YOUR life in those 60 minutes. Think about it. 

-Read. Knowledge is key. Become obsessed with your industry and know it inside out!

-Network. Because no matter what anyone tells you, you can't do it ALL yourself. Help others and they will help you! Think of it like karma. 

-Learn about yourself.  You need to be truly honest with yourself. TRULY. Only then will you be able to strengthen those weak points that once held you back. 

-Cut off any energy that no longer serves you. Ever asked yourself why am I still chilling with Tyrone? Cut it off. Make no apologies. Your dream has no time for those who hold you back. Promise. 

And Finally.... 

-Work Hard. Compete only with yourself and each day aim to be better than you were yesterday. 


Have an OMazing year :-) - 

Stay Awoken


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