Emeli Sandé Wears Awoken Clothing on The X Factor 2018



Jay’s Mom calls and shouts 'Jay!! There’s a woman on X Factor wearing your top!!!'

Emeli Sande in Awoken Clothing Ankh Jumper
So we’re sat with our friends on the evening of Saturday 1st December getting deep into our ‘what is life’ chat, as you do lol.
Jay’s Mom calls and shouts 'Jay!! There’s a woman on X Factor wearing your top!!!'
Jay turns to Lakkz with her mouth wide open and we stare at each other basking in the ambience of shock 
We’re like who?!?!
We and our tribe don’t have or watch TV and so we weren’t able to tune in and see for ourselves. Fortunately, Jay’s Mom does and she gave it a rewind to send a video.

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 Jay literally jumps out of her skin 'OMG. It’s Emeli Sand é!!!'


This is a woman whose songs we remember singing our hearts out to in our first cars (sub woofers are essential for ‘Heaven’ 
😉). A woman who’s album we purchased and played over and over again (no bootleg lol). An artist we both respect and admire, her authenticity, honesty and emotion that she channels into her music makes her so special and us, humbled. 

From a thought, to concept, to creation, there's no words to describe the feeling of seeing something we crafted with our own hands on Emeli Sand
é in front of millions of people. It took us a while to find the words for how we both felt but we think the home photo our tribe captured says it all!
-The movement continues to grow-
Gratitude is the Attitude.
Thankh you everyone for being with us on this journey, we appreciate you!
Awoken Clothing

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