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Interviewed by, Sianalee Valdez


"Awoken Clothing" carries a deep message that personally touched my spirit. So of course I HAD to hit them up and ask if I could do an interview. Touching on inspiring topics and the revolution.I think a lot of you guys will find this beautiful as well. 


- "What has inspired you to create the brand ?"

 "I had been making my own clothes for years before I realised that it wasn't just a talent - it was actually my calling. I set out to create a brand that had a purpose and was able to spread positive messages and symbolism whilst still looking good. It was also important to me that the brand I created came at no cost to any human or animal - kind of seeing it like this - if you have the option to create something without hurting others then why wouldn't you?"


- "How has spirituality impacted you personally and how do you feel it helps others ?"

"Personally, it has helped me to become a better person, it's made me more forgiving, accepting of myself and others. It's helped me to form healthy habits, empowered me to cut toxic people out of my energy circle, opened my mind, uncover the deeper meaning behind things and start a real journey of self-love. Spirituality comes through in every area of my life and has enabled me to find the meaning of it which to me is making the world a better place and living in harmony with others as we're all in this together at the end of the day! I think it would be able to help others by disconnecting from things that don't matter like shiny new things, status and ego and instead, reconnecting with things that really light our souls up. I see that as things like meaningful connections, creating things you love, looking after yourself and only engaging in connections that are balanced and mutually beneficial."


- "Describe your creative process."

"I see everything as art! A table, a chair, even what we may see as a boring pencil has been designed by someone which all stemmed from their thoughts or imagination! I always carry a notebook and pen around where ever I go just incase I'm inspired by something. One day I was listening to an old Tribe Called Quest album on youtube and was inspired by their album artwork which led me to create my own version of it using meaningful symbols and so the Tribal T-shirt was born. I'm quite old school and use a regular notebook and pencil to draft my idea and a pack of crayolas to make it come to life. I then take it to my business partner who will make the graphic on illustrator and since we also have our own printing facilities we get to print it out there and then. When we see the print on the garment we usually know who out of our network of models can pull it off and I start styling it like its mine! Creativity is life!"

- "What would you recommend to someone to start today to lead a more positive, happy, and fulfilled life?"

"Get a pen and blank piece of paper. Write down 5 things you want out of life. Pick 1. Write about what your life would look like if you had this one thing. Now write a plan on how you can achieve this. Now most importantly, factor 1 thing in your day that you can do every day that will help you reach this goal. Repeat this process for the remaining 4 things on your list."

I'm optimistic about the future because I realise that there are more of us than there are of them and I really believe that we can make a real difference if only we could get enough people to realise that. That's the real mission. The world will always go through phases and our lives here right now are just one portion in the grand scale of time and space but with the spiritual awakening that's happening globally - the time is now for change and mass awakening. We prove as a population time and time again that we can create change but only in the presence of unity and I believe as long as we strive for that the world can truly change for the better. In the midst of all this I see creatives sprouting up making beautiful art in the form of fashion, music, art and dance and I'm grateful to be living in a time where humanity expresses itself so freely.

Awoken would like to ThAnkh, 
Sianalee Valdez for contacting us. We will always find time for those that believe in our mission and supports our journey. 

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