Intuition - What, How and Why?

What is intuition?

Think of your intuition like the GPS of your soul, it navigates you towards people and events that align you closer to your purpose here. This is the sense of inner-knowing that sees the truth about everything, requiring no medium of expression or reason.

The single most important difference between discerning between intuition and the ego is by checking whether the feeling is direct and unmistakable or firm and dogged. Intuition is like an automatic, effortless and natural feeling that may quickly motivate you to act.


Real intuition is never wrong

Most people think of intuition as our ‘gut feeling’, the instinct felt when something’s off or may be a bad idea. It can come in the form of knowing that your Mom was going to call today and shouting ‘I knew it!’ at your phone before you answer. Intuition can also pop up when we have big decisions to make like not knowing what city to move to or whether you’re choosing the right career path. Sometimes your intuition may seem illogical but you always know deep inside what’s right – you’re just scared. Feel the fear and do it anyway. 

How Does it Work?

Intuition draws upon your entire life experience thus far and so like you, it is constantly growing and evolving. These moments arrive clearly when you’re grounded and in the present moment – this is why meditation is key to its development. 

So who or what is this inner voice / inner knowing? Spiritually speaking, intuition comes directly from your higher self / soul or guides. Communication manifests within you as a sense of knowing or gut feeling as this energy e.g. mistrust has been placed in your own consciousness. It is this that constantly speaks to you and directs you towards your true life path and greater good. That's why when we get stuck in an unhappy place we have the sense of inner knowing that something just isn’t right. Clear the over-thinking, anxiety and fear and all becomes clear. Happiness is the goal of life and this is all your intuition wants for you. It’s got your back.

So why can’t they just say it instead?

One thing you should know is that a humans super power is their emotions. Emotions literally mean, energy in motion.

When we feel a particular emotion associated with an idea or vision it is much more likely to manifest and grab our attention, as our entire universe IS energy in motion. No wonder our higher selves communicate through intuition – it's powerful stuff!


Intuition and The Ajna Chakra (Third Eye Chakra)

Your third eye is your compass.

When most people think of intuition the third eye chakra or Ajna, becomes centre of attention. In Sanskrit, Ajna translates to both ‘perceive’ and ‘command’ and is considered the centre of intuition and intellect.

The third eye chakra is the centre of perception, that intuitive sixth sense of just knowing, without knowing how we know. It's also the centre of dreams and memory recall as well as the chakra where you can tap into archetypal energies. No coincidence that it’s also known as the ‘seat of the soul?’

So it is here that we receive the ‘inner-knowing’ aspect to intuition as it is intimately connected to the soul.


Intuition and The Manipura (Solar Plexus Chakra)

Intuition is also closely linked with the Solar Plexus. This chakra governs the digestive system and is the ‘Sun Centre’ of the body, powering us with energy and vitality – that's why this chakra is ruled by the Sun. Here, is where our emotional connection with the inner universe and higher-self exists.

Listen to your gut

Spiritually speaking, that ‘gut feeling’ is the physical sensation of the intuition and when our Third Eye chakra is balanced, it is through this we’re able to discern exactly what that feeling is. Get balancing those chakras ya’ll!

Physically speaking, the gastrointestinal tract and the brain are intimately connected. The 100 million neurons lining the digestive tract facilitate formidable processing abilities allowing it to communicate back and forth to the brain; signalling emotions such as joy, suspicion or fear (this is why emotions later manifest as physical illnesses).



How to Develop Intuition

Recognise it and trust it. When you trust and follow your intuition it’s like telling the universe you believe in magic – that’s when you find it.

Intuition is developed through time and practice in the same way that any muscle in the body is developed. It must be trained regularly in order for it to maintain its strength as it can become weakened by the ego. Now, there a no dumbbells or resistance machines for intuition, the key here is meditation.

Regular meditation is essential in enhancing intuition as it allows you the time to silence and rest your mind as well as repose the mind chatter and incessant thoughts.

Silent mediation, mantra, being in nature or yoga are all powerful tools that help clear away layers of un-serving emotions. This is key to fully understanding our intuition as when we're able to release from the emotional body we enter into the clarity and truth that intuition brings.


You don’t have to be on a spiritual path to trust your intuition

Intuition is feminine energy that’s creative and fluid and so other techniques such as drawing or journaling can also be effective. Take time to write about your experiences, note how you felt and what the outcome was and look back to see your progress.

You can also practice your intuition through spiritual mediums such as tarot reading, energy readings or astrology – any practice that requires a dose of inner knowing to accompany the intellect will help.

You could even throw yourself little challenges like turning off Google Maps and using your intuition to find the building by yourself!


Why You Should Trust It

Through developing your intuition you can gain great benefits such as avoiding danger, steering away from engaging in toxic relationships or simply allowing you to pick up on the ‘vibe’ of a room or person. This therefore guides you to make better decisions, the right ones.

How many times have you gone against your gut feeling and then realised it was right? It’s the most annoying thing – ‘If only I listened!’

Even when your intuition is leading you to do something you can’t quite make sense of – go for it. I’m not saying go straight into a dangerous situation, of course balance your mind and your heart and use appropriate discernment. After all, intuition is what guides us along our path for the greater good of others, and ourselves. Trust the Vibes. Trust your intuition. 


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