When you Wake Up...

Waking Up

Now this is the story all about how my life got flipped turned upside down, now if you’d like to take a minute just sit right there, I'll tell you all about the spiritual awakening affair…


For a lot of people these days all it takes is to see a few videos shared on Instagram or Facebook to spark their awakening. For others it may be that there’s something inside you that just feels like there’s so much more to life then to just pay bills and die – like you’re seeking something, but what? Or you may simply go online looking for a recipe and all of a sudden you end up on Youtube and 2 hours later you’ve discovered that 9/11 was definitely an inside job. However it begins, it kind of feels like when a waiter whips the table cloth from underneath all those plates.

Once you awaken, there’s no going back from here. You just have to answer those undying questions like, Who is the observer? What is spirit and where does it come from? What is God and who the hell am I? Well, Alice never makes it back up the rabbit hole and Neo doesn’t throw up the red pill. Once you fall, you will never again feel complacent with partial fulfilment that undergoes no real analysis in your life.

And just so you know, a spiritual awakening is not all vegan cakes, crystals and spirulina. It is a lot to do with personal growth and so it's necessary to remove some ugly and painful negative patterns in order to vibrate at your highest of frequencies. Any resistance to this is sure to cause you further pain. Trust me on this.

Somewhere along the spiritual path it may get a little lonely with a few frequent sanity checks, so we put together a key list of things you might encounter during the awakening so you don't feel like you're in this alone - we're all one remember :-)

Here we go... 

Knowledge Seeker: The thirst to know more about your history, the way of indigenous people, mystical creatures, sound, healing, the universe. The copious consumption of knowledges comes in the form of hours of Youtube documentaries, books you can’t find in Waterstones, endless research beyond the first page of Google results and a few follows on Instagram truth pages. Mind blown.

Follow/ Unfollow: You once followed a bunch of celebrities, models and a few randomers. Now your feed is flooded with truth exposing memes, short clips on chemtrails and a few controversial posts where you just can’t help but read the mass comments to see the differing opinions – it’s not about the drama anymore, it's about enlightenment.

What the Health: You now realise that the body is the temple of spirit and naturally want to treat it with respect. You have this epiphany that foods grown from the earth are what your body recognises not processed junk manufactured by corporations in return for money. Your soul knows that you were born a healthy eater and outside conditions make you consume junk. So to get closer to spirit you eat for your spirit and you begin to eat better and feel better.


Express Yourself: You prefer to spend money on experiences rather than ‘stuff’ - though you do seem to have a new collection of incense, crystals and spiritual jewellery. Oh and everyone goes through the baja hoody / elephant print / tie dye / harem pants stage. Admit it, it’s fine.


Saying no to Netflix and Chill: You no longer do the things you used to do for fun. At first you feel like you're having an identity crisis but then you realise that if you like sitting out in nature just observing the tree, that’s cool. Even if your friends don’t want to come with you.

Following your Heart: There’s a reason why you just can’t gel with your co-workers, your job isn’t fulfilling and you can’t waste time pretending that it is like everybody else! You realise you need purpose in life, you want to make a difference and move towards something fulfilling and rewarding that just feels right!

Love Thyself: You begin to say no to things that do not serve you with no explanation or apology. You exercise, drink water, meditate, call yourself out on negative thoughts and motivate and accept yourself. This is one of the hardest but most rewarding parts of waking up to your TRUE self.

Throwback Thursdays: In line with testing your emotions, the universe will start throwing up old stuff for you to deal with. Think you’re over your ex? Ok. BAM. You see them in Asda after 2 years and this time you take note of how you actually feel. Still think they’re a pr*ck? Alert. You’re holding onto negative energy that needs to be addressed and cleared. Feel nothing ? Level unlocked. 


Squad Goals: You realise who your toxic friends are and weed them out promptly. Even long standing friendships from nursery days can fade away when they lose value and purpose. They either come with you on this journey or not. You still love them and everything, just from a distance.

Synchronicity: Look at the clock 11:11. Check the microwave 11 seconds left. Sat at a traffic light and you’re outside house number 11. Synchronicity is how the universe communicates to you that you’re on the right path. It can also come from other numbers like 444, 911 or 333 etc. You notice these numbers everywhere! 

Becoming Morpheus: This one can be really annoying to family and friends but you’re only try to share your knowledge because you mean well right? Some will listen and some wont. Whatever the outcome you have to be ok with it - it’s not in everyone’s plan to wake up this time.


All jokes aside, awakening can be a tough process especially when there's nobody around you for support. Contact us, we've been there ;-) 

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Stay Awoken.



This is bang on point!! I remember experiencing all of this…it’s great to reach out to others who may be going through the same thing!! It can be quite daunting at times but when you step into your power n tap in to that higher consciousness now… LIFE CHANGING!! Looking forward to more 🙌🏾💜

Natty Nolah July 25, 2018

I really connected with this one guys! Literally hit the nail on the head with all of the awakening symptoms. Thanks for creating a harmonious space where we can be open and connect. Love and light Queens ♥️

Chanice-A-Keys July 24, 2018

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