Spiritual Growth Game

So listen, life is NEVER going to be easy. It's all ups and downs -  yin and yang.
This is fact. This is life.
So by default, there will be some amazing moments in your life, but you will also have some very dark moments. 
Sometimes you can literally just be sat there thinking you know what, I actually can't deal. I can't. And you really consider quitting. Giving up. Doing something else. Taking what is affectively the easy route, be honest with yourself, it is the easy route. 
But guess what?
Love a good meme. But there's never been a truer word spoken. 
What's really important is mindset. You have to decode all of that programming you once had, that told you life had to be a certain way, that makes you a victim or tells you who you should love. You have to erase those limiting beliefs. The ones that you think keep you modest or grounded, that stop you from believing or moving forward. 
I'll tell you straight. It aint easy and you need to make effort to do this, that's what separates the pack. It requires a lot of brutal honesty with yourself.  There's a lesson in every single situation in your life. Always. Even if you can't see it, it's there.
Promise.  Recognize it, accept it and work on it. 
What ever life throws at you, you must think what can I learn from this. Not why me?! Well look it IS you. And if you don't learn from it the first time, it's ok. You got all your life to learn it. Literally. So dust yourself off and try again because the universe will keep throwing that lesson at you until you level up on that growth game of yours. 
So how the heck do you do this right?
Mindset. Mindset. Mindset. Mindset.
 It's all about checking your thoughts. Observing... kind of like a mediation. 
When you're thinking negatively, when you're judging or feeling disconnected. Notice it. Just stop and really clock your thoughts. Like really clock it. Sometimes you'll find that you're actually being quite the dickhead. Other times it's a lot more serious. But the point is, you have to check your damn self and reprogram your thoughts. Once you've clocked that thought, ask yourself why you feel that way. Ok, now what can you do to change it? Now do it. Earn those growth game points!! 

Learn to control your mind, let go and grow through what you go through.  

Love & Light.


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