The Science of Feelin Somebody



...The Science of Feelin Somebody...

Ever wondered what that feeling is you get inside when you lock eyes with bae? Why is it that you just simply love the way this person moves? The utter smell of them brings comfort and you can feel their presence without having even seen them.

It’s all vibes. Let us explain…

So in the simplest of terms, everything is made up of atoms and atoms are energy. We are energy. Surrounding the body is this huge field of energetic light called the aura which reflects your state of consciousness, emotions, thoughts and health. Often people can’t see auras without practice, but everyone can FEEL them.


Art by @kervs_art

Subconsciously you read the aura of bae - you read each other’s. You can tell when they’re into you or not, you sense their mood, you can tell they're in deep thought even when they say there's nothing on their mind, you can feel whether the attraction is mutual. Think of it as modelling your aura from across a room like an energetic fashion show. You observe, you feel and communicate without a spoken word.



Every aura has it’s own vibrational frequency as all matter emits vibrations - the closer your vibration is to baes the more natural flow that connection will have. You’re constantly emitting and attracting a certain frequency – attracting and emitting like for like with bae, vibeing together on the same wavelength connecting deeper than the physical. So when you meet a potential and you feel the vibe is off, don’t force it, you just don’t vibe.

Ever been in the club and some typical player type approaches you, you think you could give them a chance cause they fine but at the same time you just aren’t feeling it? These people tend to give their energy out to others without conscious thought and tend to have a more “watered down” feel to their aura. This is why when someone drops a few bars you just cant even entertain their nonsense on looks alone, or at least, it won't last. Moving on.



So the aura also emits a certain colour which has an effect on how well you vibe together. Human emotion can detect the effects of cool or warm colours evoking the associating emotions. i.e. blue brings a sense of cool and tranquillity.

Bae’s aura could be any of the following colours:

(This list is not exhaustive)


RED – Energetic, Sexual, Aggression (often materialistic with commendable willpower)


ORANGE – Creativity, Vitality, Perfectionist (sociable and uplifting though can be annoyingly pedantic)


YELLOW- Playful, Knowledgeable, Easy going (very curious people and great teachers)


GREEN- Balance, Growth, Natural healers (total tree huggers and great agony aunts)


BLUE- Cool, Organised, Communicators (the voice of the group)


INDIGO- Intuitive, Visionary, Sensitive (you just can't surprise them, somehow they just already know)


BROWN – Negativity, Distracting, Can’t let go (their energy may feel draining to be around)

So the colour emitted from the aura is also a factor in feelin somebody, what colour aura do you think you and bae have?


Art by @AwokenClothing 

And lets not forget that smell! Urgh, when you just love the natural scent of bae. This is created by pheromones which are an airborne chemical released from the body – in turn, they have a physical or emotional effect on us which is why we creepily smell baes T shirts when they’re gone.

That connection you have with bae is undeniable. When people describe having chemistry with someone – what they are subconsciously referring to is dopamine, serotonin and oxytocin. These are chemicals in the body linked to pleasure, mood and intimacy and are particularly stimulated during attraction.


Art by Jlenee


So a little food for thought….

Watch what you’re attracting as you attract what you emit – there are great lessons to learn in the people that you surround yourself with. Always try to merge your energy with someone you can truly vibe with. If you start feelin somebody and you actually vibrate higher than them, it will feel like you’re literally being sucked by this person as energy travels much faster downwards than it does upwards. So when you’re attracted to someone’s vibe, just know you’re looking at a part of yourself too, even if you don’t like what you’ve attracted. 100.



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An enlightening subject. I would say my hubby is blue and I’m an orangey yellow

Leona October 12, 2017

This is a great post and gave me some thought about what attracts me to my bae. Definitely something to be said about vibes, especially the bit you mentioned about smells. Now I know why I like his smell!

Annika Spalding October 12, 2017

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