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When you Wake Up...

Once you awaken, there’s no going back from here. You just have to answer those undying questions like, Who is the observer? What is spirit and where does it come from? What is God and who the hell am I? Well, Alice never makes it back up the rabbit hole and Neo doesn’t throw up the red pill. Once you fall, you will never again feel complacent with partial fulfilment that undergoes no real analysis in your life.

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Glo Up Spirituality and Wellness Event

The Glo Up refers to a spiritual awakening, raised vibration and altered state of consciousness. As we guide our awareness to wholistic wellbeing, we invite you to explore and get involved as we share practical ways in which we can implement tools and practices into our everyday life to facilitate that spiritual awakening - Glo Up.      

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Seeing Life in Circles

From a young age we're taught that life is linear. You start out on your road with school, going through the education system and into the world of work where you gain a good job. After working your job you settle down, buy a house and raise a family. Success.       Of course, there are set backs as life is certainly not so neat - but we still pressure ourselves to rise higher on the line of life. But what is life was a circle?  For advice on how to navigate through life we could take a look at nature since we as humans are part of it. For example, nature moves in cycles – Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter....

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